About Us

                   Sheffield Building Services was founded in January 1989, by Bob and Terri Coleman. A business that employed Bob had failed, leaving him unemployed. For the first months the Coleman family, parents and four children, cleaned the buildings themselves. As more customers were acquired, extra help was hired.

                    Today, there are over 30 additions to the Sheffield Building Services family, which maintains approximately 40 buildings which require 24/7 coverage.

                    On average, a Sheffield employee has been with the company for at least 9 years. This  includes our original crew which has been with us since shortly after our conception.

                     As Sheffield Building Services continues to grow, we still maintain small-business like qualities. The owners are actively involved and are available on a 24 hour basis. This allow both Sheffield employees and customers direct attention by someone who can make immediate decisions to be followed by prompt actions.

                      Sheffield Building Services will not grow beyond the span of direct owner control.